Curse of Strahd

All will be well...

Saving lives and taking names.

After pleasantries and introductions, with Vulre back in the group, they quickly discussed what to do next. They spend a little time attempting to decipher the clues received from the old fortune teller. Vulre believe he may know where two of them lead: 1) the were-ravens he met with in Vallaki and 2) the windmill where children met their unfortunate end. They decide to first head to the windmill Vulre previously burned down. They decided to not go through town and follow the forest line around the village. Howls of wolves were imminent but none ventured close enough to bother the group. As they traveled up the long up-hill dirt road, they decided to cut through the woods to cut a corner and save some time. As they ventured through the wood, they happened a group of dire wolves who were quick to attach a fresh meal.

It was a close call, but they manages to survive the attack. The heroes decided to take a short rest to recuperate, before heading onward to the windmill (or what was left of it). They managed to arrive at the windmill without any further encounters. There they asked their warlock, Amnon, to perform a ritual to determine if there were any magical items that were left that Vulre missed. It took him a moment, but after performing his ritual he was able to determine that nothing was missed. Upon exploring the area a bit further, they stumbled upon 4 strange looking stones standing out of the ground at cardinal directions, each depicting a city with one of the 4 seasons, which they were also curious about. Another detect magic ritual was performed with little luck. Frustrated and weary our intrepid team decided to head back to Vallaki.

Traveling a bit faster down hill, the group arrives during the evening and find that the festival of the sun has begun. As they enter town, they notice the Wachter brothers tampering with Rictavio’s wagon. Before any of them can step in, they see the lock drop off the wagon and the door swing off—a saber-tooth tiger stepping out of the wagon. The brothers run off, while the tiger turns its attention to the group. They see it approaching, but it seems to be non-aggressive. Vulre attempts to lead it back to the wagon with no avail. Amnon heads to the inn to let Rictavio know and Gaelic heads to the guards to warn them. Once Gaelic arrives at the gate, he decides perhaps he shouldn’t betray his friendship with Rictavio and tell the guards about what happened, so he returns to the stockyard and with some quick-thinking, turns around some people who are approaching toward the tiger. Amnon makes it back to the Inn and warns Rictavio who immediately shows his worry and takes off toward the stockyard with Amnon. They pass Gaelic who is walking with a few people from town toward the festival, and quickly arrive at the stockyard. Rictvaio quickly leads the tiger back to its cage, re-seals the door, and connects the wagon up to a horse from a nearby stable. He thanks the adventurers, telling them he is heading to a tower in the west, and takes off through town, quickly.

Amnon and Vulre head back toward the center of town, where they meet up with Gaelic who has shaken the festival goers from earlier. When they finally get back to the center of town they find guards blocking the road as a parade is heading toward the town shopping district. They see unhappy kids dressed as flowers carrying a wicker ball and leading the Burgomaster and his wife who are smiling and waving to the crowd that has gathered to watch. The three heroes decide to follow the procession to the district as they pass by empty stockades and into the center of the district where the wicker ball is hoisted up by ropes and pullies. As the burgomaster takes a lit torch and moves toward the ball, a crack of lightning hits and the rain begins to pour dousing the torch. The crowd falls silent as one man in the back of the crowd begins laughing. The burgomaster quickly looks his way, as Vulre quickly thinks and casts a flaming sphere at the wicker ball, igniting it. Before the Burgomaster can begin to make his way to the man and have the guard arrest him, the crowd begins cheering and the Burgomaster turns his attention to the happy crowds clapping and yelling ’All will be well!".

As the three managed to avoid an innocent man being persecuted, they decide to have a drink at the festival under a tarp that was put up for festival goers to stand out of the rain. After a bit of chit chat, they are approached by Ernst Larnak once again. This time in a formal leather armor, black cloak, with a long-sword at his side. He greets the adventurers and informs them that Lady Fiona Wachter would have them visit her in the morning for brunch. The group having questions about this, is informed that the Lady would like to speak in private and not have her affairs broadcast amidst a number of ears at the festival. Larnak gives them directions to the ladies house and goes on about his business.

Weary after a long day they return to the Inn to have a nice meal, pint of ale and head to bed after confronting the wereravens who run the in about one of the items alluded to in the fortune. Uric pulls them into the back room where he agrees that he knows what they speak of, but they must show that they are able to protect the relic and ask the crew to investigate why their last shipment of wine is late from the Wizards of Wine Winery and bring him his shipment—in exchange he will hand over the relic.

In the middle of the night, Vulre and Gaelic are awoken to a curdling scream in the streets below. Vulre runs out and downstairs to see what is wrong while Gaelic rouses Amnon. Once outside they see townsfolk fleeing from the west. Vulre stops one and asks what is going on. The lady mutters the word “V-Vampires!”. They head to the west at once at a staggered pace making their way to the church that is currently on fire. Outside they see six vampire spawn attacking guardsmen and townsfolk. Inside they see swarms of bats fluttering in the chapel through broken windows—screams ring out from in and out of the church. Vulre runs inside and finds the bats attacking townsfolk kneeling and hiding inside and Lord Strahd Von Zarovich at the altar with the priest by the neck raised into the air. Strahd turns his head and smiles at Vulre as he breaks the priests neck and turns into a bat and flies out the nearest window. In the meantime, Gaelic and Amnon show up and begin attacking the closest spawn as the shouts of “To Arms!” begins ringing out throughout the town. Inside Vulre attempts to divert the bats attention to let the innocent people escape. He succeeds in this and himself manages to escape in just the nick of time before the fire brings down the roof of the church into the chapel. Outside he sees guards showing up and attacking 5 of the 6 vampire spawn and Gaelic and Amnon handling the last. Vulre helps the guards which turns the tide of battle in the guards favor allowing them to begin killing them off. Gaelic and Amnon are struggling in their fight as the vampire spawn seems to quickly regenerate from her wounds. Once the guards are sure of victory, Vulre joins the fray against Gaelic and Amnon’s foe and with the three of them working together are able to down the fell creature.

After the battle, the group, is approached by the captain of the guard who thanks them, and tells them they will take care of the clean up from here. If they desire to speak they should seek him out or stop back by here tomorrow. Spent from a long day, they decide to head back to the Blue Water Inn and crash.


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