Curse of Strahd

Think of the Children

and the dangers they face

Vulre woke up late. His friends no where to be found. He decided to explore the town a bit, armor-less and weaponless. No where else to turn, he headed toward the church, where he heard screaming from under the floor. After speaking with Father Donavich and offering his assistance, Vulre followed Donavich to the undrecroft where he found a starved young vampire spawn, whom smelling a fresh meal, ran toward Vulre and quickly attacked. Donavich intervened, throwing Doru, his son, into internal conflict, allowing Vulre to quickly dispatch the abomination with little damage to himself. Donavich reeling in pain both physical and emotional, thanked the scarless cleric and offered a suit of scale mail to him in return for helping his son find rest.

Leaving the church, Vulre wound around alleys previously unexplored on his way back to the inn, when he finds an old lady peddling her wares door to door. As he approaches, he finds these wares are truly delectably looking meat pies and pays the exorbitant 1 gold the old lady asks for her pastries. Vulre partakes and quickly slinks into a vivid dream. He finds himself in a lush forest clearing full of waist-high grass and white poppies. Five hours later he snaps out of it and finds himself still sitting outside the house where he encountered the woman. As he rights himself on his feet, he heads back toward the main road and the inn. As he approaches the main stretch of road through the village, he hears a woman weeping and investigates. He finds a man and woman crouched on the floor of their humble abode, the woman weeping. He questions the two and learns their son was taken by a woman selling pastries in payment for the woman’s addiction.

Vulre questions the boys friends and attempts to track down the woman, but is unable to do so. It seemed as though something was shielding her trail from detection, but with the help of some keen ravens, Vulre followed the road out of town to an old decrepit windmill. Vulre approached with his sword drawn and barged right in. He found himself inside with nothing in sight but a brick oven and a cart filled with delicious-looking pastries. He called out posing as a customer for more desserts. As the woman he recognized from earlier approached from above, descending stairs from an above level, he attacked. The ravens who led Vulre here rushed in and surprising transformed into humans helping Vulre in his assault as the woman was revealed to be a green hag. Two more, the rest of her coven, quickly came from above to aid her. Though a harrowing battle, Vulre was triumphant with the Ravens’ help.

After the battle was concluded and any wounds tended to. Vulre searched the windmill and found the young boy whisked away from the village. The Ravens’ offer to return him and protect him, allowing Vulre to set fire to the mill and watch it burn as he camps nearby overnight. In the morning, he is greeted with guards from the nearby town of Vallki as they came to investigate the great fire seen from the town below. After hearing and being persuaded by Vulre’s story they offer him a ride into town, where he asks around about his friends and finds them in the Vistani encampment outside town.


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