Curse of Strahd

The Story So Far...

Quick Summary

After signing up for a mission in their home town, 16 villagers traveled into the Misty Forest. There they were tasked with surveying a mysterious tower that had somehow gone unnoticed throughout the ages. This venture proved to be quite deadly for some of our adventurous team, but with the help of a long dead, evil wizard, who had found it in his best interest to inhabit a PCs body and lead the remaining band through the ritual he had prepared, cleared the tower of its peril.

Upon completion of the ritual, killing an angelic guardian of a nearby magical lake hidden by magical forces, those who survived and participated were granted wishes. The wishes ranged from honor and glory, immortality, being unmatched in certain skills, to permanently obtaining a new body, in the case of the dead, evil wizard, and bringing back their fallen friends to life. Unbeknownst to the group of how their wishes affected themselves and the realm of Faerun, the band of heroes decided to recuperate within the walls of this tower.

After a long nights rest, the wizard, Titandaril, persuaded a small number of the group to check out the strange mist surrounding the tower. Four adventurers journeyed forth; Gaelic the Human Rogue, Amnon the Tiefling Warlock, Vidwen the Human Barbarian, and Vulre the perfect, elven cleric.

After getting lost in the dense mist that seemed to be following and surrounding them, they stumbled into an old, gothic village where two children, crying in the streets, caught their attention. The children led them into an old house that from initial inspection quite normal. Yet as our heroes investigated, they soon realized the house was empty and quite morbid in nature. As they reach the higher levels of the house, the clean, neatly kept atmosphere was traded for one of dust and non-use. They found two bodies, belonging to children locked in a room, and were able to speak to their ghosts, which they were later able to lay to rest. Before that however, they helped the group find the secret stairway to the basement of this wretched place, where they found a prison and treasury used to house prisoners and trinkets collected by a long-gone cult. After being joined by a local Vistani, Gregoris the bard, the group found themselves in an alter room as specters began appearing around the outside edge, chanting “One must die!”. Rather than obeying the chanting specters, the group took a more barbaric approach, as Vidwen laid into the altar with his warhammer. This displeased the specters as the chanting changed, awakening an rotting, shambling plant monster, that quickly engulfed our barbarian hero. The group, heavily wounded, managed to defeat the monster and save their ally, barely. During the fight, they had heard stone scraping against stone and the creak of wood above, from the house. As they go up to try to leave, the cult haunting quelled, they found the house had changed in a last ditch effort to destroy our heroes. Now filled with smoke, slashing scythes in the doorway and screeching and clawing coming from the walls, the group used their wits and reflexes to make it out of the house in one piece.

While they stood in the street, catching their breath, they were approached by a mysterious black carriage. Out stepped a noble-looking, pale man, leaving a beautiful brunette young woman behind and seated within. He introduced himself to the group as Strahd von Zarovich and took in each of the heroes who conquered the haunted death house. Using his charm he seduced Vulre into drawing closer so that he could take in the scent of the elven cleric’s blood, just before releasing him and stepping back toward and into his carriage, promising the group they would be sure to see him again.

The group was finally free to find a place to stay and recover from their wounds, physical and mental. They journeyed to the center of town where they found the Blood on the Vine Tavern and was able to get a room.

The next morning, they went across the street to the local merchant’s shop to view his wares. After realizing the prices were much higher than they were in Faerun, they quickly left, to hear sobbing echoing in the street. They tracked the sobbing to a nearby house and learned that the woman sobbing was most like a woman by the name of ‘Mad’ Mary. They decided to leave it at that and let the woman cry alone in the house. They spent the rest of the day trying to backtrack to see if they could find the tower from whence they came or any sign of their friends. They traveled for a few hours as the road led them across the land to the east and into the Svalich Wood. There they found a corpse and a letter from the Burgomaster of Barovia (village) and a giant gate that seemed as though it was shut by a very powerful magic (on the other side a dense thick mist).

Beginning to realize they were stuck, they followed the road back to the village and went in to call it a day. They ordered a hot meal as Gregoris and Vidwen chat up three lovely Vistani ladies, and Amnon and Gaelic sat and chatterd with a man named Ismark.

Looking for information, they learned that Ismark was looking for help of his own and that he would be willing to trade information in exchange for helping him protect his sister and get her out of the village and to the town of Vallaki. Before divulging too much information, he asked they they return to his home to avoid unwanted listeners. After the meal the group joined back up and proceeded to Ismark’s home, which turned out to be the burgomaster’s manor, which seemed to be struck by some type of siege. Once inside, they met Ireena, Ismark’s adopted sister, and the burgomaster, who was dead. They learned that Ireena had taken the interest of the Strahd, the local lord, who was a Vampire, and the he would lay siege to the manor nightly. On the last siege their fathered suffered a terrible heart attack and died.

Ismark and Ireena chatted with the group and Ireena was very adamant about not leaving until their father was buried. Everyone decides its best to wait until morning, so they began making arrangements of where everyone will sleep this night, when there is a knock and familiar voice at the door. Strahd is there and attempting to get someone to open the door and invite him inside. There are the sounds of wolves outside the manor’s walls, as well as the low moans and scratching of zombies at the doors and windows. The boards and holy symbols hold as nothing is able to make it inside, but the night the proceeded was tense.

The next morning, group goes to the local church to have the burgomaster buried. They meet Father Donovich in the church, where they hear screams coming from under the floor. Ismark and Ireena fill in the group as to what had happened to Donavich’s son, and they continue to bury their father. One complete, the group leaves and heads toward Valliki in a horse drawn wagon.

They travel west, crossing a river and coming to a fork in the road. The group is attacked by 15 wolves under the gallows overshadowing the road. The horse wounded in the fray, the group decides to head to the nearby Vistani encampment to let the horse rest and attempt to heal its wounds with the long trip before them. As they leave, Vidwen sees himself hanging from the gallows before high-tailing it away from the fork. When the group arrives at the camp, they relax and get situated. Gaelic joins in the fun, while Amnon gets told a story of an old Wizard who once fought lord Strahd. The others lie down and get some rest after getting the horse attended to.

The next morning, they head to see Madame Eva before they depart.


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