Curse of Strahd


and Spies...

After Vidwen, Gaelic, and Ismark returned to the inn to catch up with Amnon, Gaelic and Ireena, they found their rooms empty and themselves no where to be found. They decided to head to the Vistani encampment after stopping by St. Andral’s Church for some much needed healing. There they met Father Lucian Petrovich and his altar boy Yeska. Father Petrovich healed Gaelic and Vidwen of as many of their wounds as possible. He wished to further speak with them in his office, but the two were in a hurry and bid him adieu. They then proceeded to the nearby gate where they learned a pair, resembling their friends, had headed toward the Vistani camp.

Amnon, Gregoris, and Ireena arrived at the Vistani encampment where they see the camp atop a hill surrounded by several hovels, each with a guard in a dark cloak standing watch outside. As they approach, they notice the guards are in fact dusk elves. They proceed up the hill where they find the leaders of the Vistani camp, Luvash and Arrigal. The older, larger Vistani, Luvash, is whipping a young man as the heroes approach. Luvash cuts him down after a few strikes and he runs out of the tent. The three walk in and speak to them regarding armor and items they had wished to purchase to find that many of the Vistani were passed out drunk or out of the camp searching for someone.

Shortly thereafter Vidwen, Gaelic and Ismark catch up to Amnon, Gregoris and Ireena. Gregoris remains behind at the makeshift camp as the reunited team go back to the tent to figure out what is going on. Seeing other teams of Vistani coming in and out of camp reporting to Luvash, they approach to ask what is wrong. They find that Luvash’s daughter is missing and get a scent and a doll as clues that are mostly useless for them.

The heroes attempt to track her down but are unsuccessful, so they return to town, as their dinner with the Baron and his wife is nearing. They enter town, go back to the inn, get cleaned up and head back out. They have a bit more time, so they visit the toy store nearby the Baron’s mansion to check it out. Inside they find a number of creepy toys, as well as a doll that looks remarkably like Ireena. Vidwen and Gaelic submit requests for toys and are told they can pick them up in a week. Afterward they head to the mansion for their dinner.

At the mansion they are greeted by a manservant who takes their cloaks and shows them a packed dining hall, filled with women. The group is ushered in and introduced. The baron is summoned and dinner begins. He asks the butler to break out the best bottle of wine for the group as they chat over dinner. The women become keen with certain members of the party. Two in particular take an interest in Amnon and Vidwen. Amnon show no interest back, even though the woman is quite intent, but Vidwen courts the interest of the other to attempt to gain knowledge on the way back to the inn. They walk the women home as they share what information they have.

When they get back to the inn, they drink and meet the two Wachter brothers who are a bit noisy and handsy, Nikolai and Karl; as well as, two wolf hunters, Szoldar Szoldarovich and Yevgeni Krushkin; and lastly Amnon surveyed the half elf carnival ringleader Rictavio, who earlier that evening they witnessed sneaking food into the stockyard to a carnival wagon. Gaelic uses his persuasion to convince the wolf hunters to help them search for the Vistani girl in the morning after he has breakfast with Rictavio.

In the morning, they have breakfast with Rictavio and the hunters, then set out to the Vistani camp begin the search anew. After a while the scouts pick up on a hidden trail they determine was utilized to abduct the girl. They track her to the forest north of the Svalich road back toward town. They find an area of a scuffle and found fresh tracks from this morning, that led them to the road north of Vallaki toward Lake Zarovich.

They arrive at Lake Zarovich, finding a beach with 4 boats and a 5th floating on the lake with a lone fisherman aboard. The tracks stopping, they search the beach looking for any clues, as Gaelic looks up and notices the fisherman stand up, bend over and pick up a hidden sack off the floor of the boat and throw it overboard—the sack appearing to be moving. Gaelic points it out and Videwen jumps into the lake swimming quickly toward the boat and the sack. He grabs the sack and pulls it to the surface as he hears the squirming and voice of a young girl. He grabs the side of the boat and throws the sacked girl inside after intimidating Bluto Krogarov, the drunk, dim fisherman who does not interfere with Vidwen.

They row back to the beach and begin the trek back to town. On the way back Gaelic notices a ‘shadow’ in the forest line that seems to be following them. Gaelic stealths into the forest where even his own group doesn’t see him slink away and gets behind the ‘shadow’ and discovers it is someone following them. Gaelic, with a sword at his back, surprises this ‘spy’. He introduces himself Ernst Larnak and tells the group he is just following them to make sure they are no trouble, and that he follows everyone new in town. The group escorts this man back to town and corroborates his story with the guard to whom they also turn over Bluto and explain what had happened. The guard thanked them for their service and took Bluto away. Ernst also took this as his moment to leave, after threats to never follow the group again were delivered by an angry Vidwen.

Finally they were able to return the girl, Arabelle, to her father. When they reunite the two, the father is grateful, provides armor to Vidwen free of charge and offers the group one treasure from their treasure wagon. The group settles on an onyx jewel box filled with various pieces of jewelry along with a vial of a viscous green liquid that appeared to be magical. Before the group left, Luvash thanked them again. He mentioned that before the group heads back to town, since they were quite helpful and seemed very capable, they may wish to speak with the leader of the dusk elves, Kasimir Velikov, who has been plagued with bad dreams. The group left back to their makeshift camp outside the Vistani tent, to meet up with Gregoris and determine what they want to do next…


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