Curse of Strahd

New Town. New Problems.

Into Vallaki

After having their fortunes read by a cackling Madame Eva, our heroes came up with a plan of travel. They left the vistani encampment and returned to the main road which winded its way around through the forest and up onto a mountain trail. They followed the road, tracing their route along on the map, until they came to where they wanted to go off road, only to realize just how large and treacherous the mountains of Barovia actually were.

They decided to stay on road and traveled on. They crossed an eerie stone bridge flanked by horrendous stone gargoyles, came to an intersection with the road that seemingly led to the ominous Castle Ravenloft, journeyed through another giant Barovian gate that had seen better days, had a near deadly encounter with plant monstrosities that barraged the group with deadly needles, saw a weird flickering torchlight in the forest outside town and finally arrived in Vallaki.

The journey, long and arduous, took its toll. Gregoris was able to persuade the guards to let the group inside, but was less lucky in seducing the female guard present who may have rolled her eyes one of two times in the process. The group found lodging in the center of town at the Blue Water Inn. With ravens perched atop the inn, the group managed to get the horses stabled, have a nice hot meal, and provide some entertainment for the local denizens.

The next morning they went into the town square where they saw men, women and children in tattered clothing locked in stocks wearing donkey masks. They saw posters for a festival that ended just last week, while a crew of guards with an in interesting looking man with a strange right arm, putting up posters for another festival that is slated to begin in just 3 days. The crew chatted with some Vistani traders where they found out about a camp just outside town.

Suddenly they heard a cry for help from the other side of the plaza, where the man with the strange arm was attempting to kidnap Ireena who was under their care. The group chased him into the alley where they managed to catch him and rescue the young woman. A fierce battle ensued. Gregoris swept Ireena away back to the Blue Water Inn, where he met up with Amnon, disguised Ireena, and fled the town toward the Vistani encampment. Gaelic and Vidwen stood their ground and fought the brute. After a grueling back and forth, the battle was broken up by the town guard and the local Burgomaster, Baron Vargas Vallakovich, and his wife, Lydia Petrovna. After the guard took Izek, the brute, away, the Baron apologized for the incident, unsure of why it actually took place, and invited the two and their friends to an evening dinner in their honor. He also told them that perhaps they should have their wounds attended to by Father Lucian Petrovich at St. Andral’s Church along with directions to said establishment. Finally after breaking away from the Baron and Baroness, the two headed back to the Blue Water Inn to check in.


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